New pickups are available from me or these dealers. Please call me to discuss options or to get a specific tone.

I offer four basic but customizable versions of all.

Please keep in mind that these can be tweaked to your specific needs.

60’s- These have a full and thick tone but maintain plenty of clarity. They are a vintage style pickup and tone.

70’s- These will be a cleaner brighter version of the 60’s. Janglier with less midrange and more high end.

Hot 60’s- These are even bigger and fuller than the 60’s with a very thick and swampy tone.

High Output- A good option for metal players wanting more definition in their tone while keeping the grind.


A new lap steel design with a Brantley P-90 is available here: V-muse Lap Steels

Humbuckers and Teles are also available at:   Jonesy Blues

A custom line of pickups are available at:  Dave Thomas Guitar Repair

Wades Guitars in Wisconsin

Daniel Seriff Music

Bass Pluckers


Tele Set                           $130.00

Strat Set                           $175.00

Humbucker Set (No cover)         $160.00

Stock Jazz Bass Set   $120.00

Geddy Jazz                   $140.00

P-90 Set                          $160.00

Jazzmaster Set           $120.00

Mustang Set                $120.00

P-bass Set                    $120.00

51-P (Single Coil)     $80.00