Lap Steel Pickup Rewinds & Restoration

Lap steels vary widely in design and function. I have rewound hundreds if not thousands of these from the original Rickenbacker Frying Pan to Supros to Fender Professionals. The designs are so different that I can only give a range of pricing for these. They generally run from $60.00 to $80.00 depending on the restoration needed and the style of pickup.

Some, like the Fender Professional, usually need a compete rebuild because of the bobbin collapsing. Others, like the Nationals, may only need the magnets reoriented as this is common problem with them.

Supros have a small bobbin made of paper that must be unwound with great care. The restoration begins with a check of the magnetic field. Then the leads and solder joints are examined for continuity. The coil is then checked.

If no reading is found and all repair options have been exhausted it will be rewound in such a manner as to make repair almost unnoticeable.