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Pricing & Information

Rewinds are generally $50.00 each. This price may vary due to difficulty. Turn time will vary from 1-4 weeks depending on my backlog.

Most pickups can be either repaired or rewound but some are prohibitive due to the cost and a new custom or reissue can be the better solution. I will make every effort to repair prior to rewinding, but if a pickup can't be repaired I will replace the coil with a period-correct winding style and material. Once the pickup is complete it will be virtually indistinguishable from it's original condition both cosmetically and tonally.

Other pickups require an aggressive approach causing them to be distinguished from the originals. Examples of these would be Microfrets, Hagstrom, Gibson Rippers, Dearmonds and other pickups encased in epoxy or completely sealed in a plastic casing.